AHP SERVICING LLC | Loan Servicing Fees

Late Fees

‐4% of total payment for FHA for loans with an FHA Case# assigned on or before March 13, 2016 and VA Loans regardless of case # assignment.

‐4% of PI (Principal and Interest) for FHA loans with and FHA Case# assigned on or after March 14, 2016.

‐5% of P&I for Conventional.

‐For portfolio loans, late fees are as stated on the mortgage/note.

Property Inspection

45 Day ‘No Contact’ Property Inspection* ‐ $20.00

75 Day ‘No Contact’ Property Inspection* ‐ $20.00

*Required by HUD FNMA/VA if contact is not established within 45/75 days and the loan remains delinquent. Amounts remain static regardless of State the property is located in.

Property Drive‐By Inspection ‐ $20.00

Property Inspection with Door Knock Service ‐ $30.0

General Servicing

Copy of Mortgage Loan File – $25.00

Copy of Mortgage Document ‐ $5.00

Verification of Mortgage ‐ $10.00

Amortization Schedule ‐ $5.00

Insufficient Funds Fee – Varies by State ($0 to $25)

Duplicate Coupon Book ‐ $5.00

Payment History ‐ $5.00 (Once per year)

Copy of Previous Year’s Annual Interest Statement ‐ $5.00