Investor FAQs

AHP Servicing distributes revenue monthly. After expenses are paid, distributions will be made in the following priority:

1. Pay investors a return of 10% per year.

2. Return to investors all capital before AHP Servicing takes a profit.

AHP remains keenly aware of our dual missions: our social mission to keep families in their homes, and our financial mission to deliver compelling returns to our investors. A prompt mutually agreeable solution to struggling homeowners usually becomes the best social and financial result for all of us. By avoiding the time and expense of long foreclosure litigation, we can yield greater financial returns. Borrowers want solutions that make sense, and AHP Servicing proactively offers them. AHP Servicing offers consensual solutions to every borrower we are able to locate. If borrowers want to stay in their homes, they will be offered modifications featuring affordable payments and discounted payoff options. Alternately, if homes are vacant or families want to move, AHP Servicing offers deficiency waivers and incentive payments to cooperate with deeds in lieu or short sales in order to put the homes back into service.

Under the terms of our Operating Agreement, AHP Servicing must try to return all of an investor’s money no later than the fifth (5th) anniversary following their individual investment. If for some reason AHP Servicing is unable to meet this obligation, investors might receive a return of their investment later than five years, or not at all.

An investment in AHP Servicing is a purchase of a membership interest in AHP Servicing LLC. In turn, the LLC is the Beneficial Owner of mortgages and real estate owned by AHP Servicing, of which US Bank Trust is the trustee.

No, there are no fees to investors.

You can track your investment activity on your dashboard. In addition, you will receive tax documents every year that you have a distribution from an AHP Servicing investment.

At a minimum entry of $100, we are encouraging small investors. If you are new to investing, we welcome your participation.

We offer best-efforts liquidity. Here’s how it works:

At any time after purchasing a Series A Preferred Stock, an Investor may request that the Managing Member purchase, or arrange for the purchase, of all or a portion of the Investor’s Series A Preferred Stock. Upon receipt of such a request, the Managing Member must use commercially reasonable efforts to arrange for the purchase, although there is no guaranty that the necessary funds will be available or that a buyer can be found. If the Managing Member is not able to purchase or arrange for the purchase of the Series A Preferred Stock, the Investor may either rescind or maintain the request.

In seeking to accommodate a request from an Investor, the Managing Member is not required to do any of the following: (i) purchase the Series A Preferred Stock for its own account; (ii) contribute money for the purchase; (iii) borrow money or dispose of assets; or (iv) take any other action the Managing Member believes would be adverse to the interests of the Company or its other Members.

The current fund targets a 10% annual return. If the investor redeems early, the return will be decreased to 8% if made within the first year of the investment and to 9% if made within the second year of the investment. If more than one Investor asks the Managing Member to purchase or arrange for the purchase of a Series A Preferred Stock, the Managing Member will consider the requests in the order received.